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RtfFormatter adds an extra space after non-breaking space


When I insert NBSP in the paragraph and render it with RtfDocumentRenderer, I get additional space after NBSP, and it is slightly noticeable in the resulting document.

Code sample
Document d = new Document();
Section s = d.AddSection();         
Paragraph content = s.AddParagraph("Before NBSP");
content.AddText("after NBSP");  

//this results in the following RTF code: Before NBSP\~ after NBSP
//while correct code is: Before NBSP\~after NBSP
This bug was spotted in version 1.32.4334.0.
Closed Oct 15, 2015 at 1:36 PM by ThomasHoevel
Thanks for the feedback, issue is fixed with current internal builds of PDFsharp 1.50.

Are there other control words besides "\~" that must not be followed by a space?